Arman Taheri

Director | Cinematographer | Editor

Shaker Heights, Ohio, United States

Arman Taheri has been working as a filmmaker for over 9 years, helming projects ranging from dramatic shorts to live event recording. Starting from fifth grade, Arman discovered a passion for filmmaking after making a short film with classmates. Over the next 8 years, Arman made over 60 short films, ranging from 1 - 37 minutes long. His first film to get critical acclaim was the short film "Out of Breath," made during the 2020 COVID Pandemic. "Out of Breath," follows four friends attending a middle school reunion in a house, unknowingly walking into a trap. The film was an official selection at nine international festivals, including the Cleveland International Film Festival, and won the Young Filmmaker award at the FMA Film Festival. During his high school years, Arman created over 12 short films, all of which recieved official selections at international festivals. Of the 50 festivals that have recognized his work, selections include Montreal International Film Festival, Prague Independent Shorts, Cleveland International Film Festival, Tokyo Film Awards, Hollywood Golden Awards, Golden Lion Student Film Awards, and Student World Impact Film Festival among many others. In 2022, Arman received the Strnad Fellowship Grant from University School, granting him a $4000 budget to complete a short film of choice. From that he created "The Hunted," a thriller short film following a man kidnapped and hunted in the woods by a vicious serial killer in a game of cat and mouse. The film has garnered over 115,000 views on YouTube, as well as being an official selection of 2024 WXSA Paris, Venice Shorts, Midwest Slam Fest, and others. Arman primarily makes thriller/drama short films, however he has a passion for action/spectacle as well as social justice documentaries. Outside of the narrative production world, Arman works as a videographer, creating promotional videos for corporate clients and recording live events. Currently, Arman is attending NYU Tisch School of the Arts for Film and TV production. He works as a Cinematographer and Editor, having worked on 20 projects and counting. Arman writes and directs his own work as well, developing his cinematic style and bringing original stories to life.