"The movie, run! Gotta get to the show! It’s starting in 10 minutes!! We’ve got to make it! … says the kid and his pal off to see the big picture, getting lost in it all.. " I come circuitously like so many others to find that place where excitement and enrapture live and connect. Movies like One flew over the cuckoo’s nest, tv shows like The Twilight Zone or Space 1999, the afternoon movie, cheezy as it might sometimes be, maybe I’d get lucky and they’ll show one of the Planet of the Apes.. oh, no, is that Earth in the future? Mindbending, big, atmospheric, characters that are fictional, fantabulous but present, very present. Coming from New York City. Having studied philosophy and just about excited about everything that smacks of an idea and can be connected to the inner and outer and horizontal and vertical Cosmos, I spend much of my time preserving and defending the initial thrill of pushing thoughts beyond the horizon. I am now living in Athens, Greece finding joy in my family in friends and keeping the eye on the big kahuna picture of it all. (And God bless Douglas Adams for doing the same so brilliantly funnily and biggly funnily and just funnily funnily all around !) Cinema, tv, the screen as a place for stories and ideas to play out and engage - this is what brings me here. The possibility of the presence on the screen and it’s entanglement with our minds, our spirits - this is what brings me here. Pure fun, characters, movement - this is what brings me here. Sharing this joy and doing all the hard work to bring something great to the screen. This is what I am trying to do. Helping others in the process do the same and share in all the movement. This is what I am trying to do too.