Alexandra Hsu


Orange County, California, United States

Alle Hsu is a Chinese American filmmaker, born and raised in Orange County, CA. For her Bachelors degree, she attended Scripps College, double majoring in Media Studies and Asian Studies. Her thesis project was titled “Women: From Cultural Revolution to Capitalist Revolution” where she focused on interviewing 20 different women and discussed their views on careers, romance, and education. She was awarded the Payton Watkins Media Studies Award, and also received a grant to make her thesis film through the Pomona College Museum of Art’s Exhibit “China Insights.”

Alexandra is currently developing her first feature film QUEENS as a Resident in the SFFILM (San Francisco Film Society) FilmHouse Residency 2019-2020. QUEENS was also a Finalist for the SFFILM Fall 2019 Westridge Grant. As a member of the Alliance of Women Directors, she was one of eight directors in the prestigious Directing Actors course with Founder and USC Professor Jennifer Warren. And as a member of Women in Film, Alexandra is currently a Directing mentee in the Women in Film Mentoring Program.

In this interview, which is part of NewFilmmaker Los Angeles' Stage 5 series in partnership with MovieMaker Magazine, Alle discusses how she made her short film despite limited resources, and her experience as an Asian American woman filmmaker.