Founder of Wonken Films (2016). My career began in film critique, when I started a column titled "Contraplano" for Pre-Texto magazine (2015), which still endures in my blog Plano / Contraplano (2016) and currently as a writer for the website Mentekupa (2019). As a screenwriter, I won the first edition of the New Screenwriters Contest of the National Film School (ENC) with my script "Corralito" (2015). In addition, I went on to win the screenwriting contest organized by the production company Siete Filmes with my script "Golpeando" (2017) and was selected for the Narration and Documentary Creation Workshop (2018) by the American Film Showcase, the US Embassy in Venezuela and Tres Cinematography, in which I directed a short film for the NGO Soy Mujer and its program Chama Tech_. In 2018, I developed a job as Producer of the social action project Fábrica de Cine for the distributor Gran Cine. In 2020, I won the contest "House of Thirteen Milligans" for my screenplay "The Lost Pages" for Nicolas Winding Refn's website I spend my free time reading, writing, watching movies, making reviews on Letterboxd or playing videogames.