Aadip Desai

Writer / Comedian

Los Angeles, California, United States

Aadip Desai is an Indian American television writer, comedian, and Air Force brat. He was most recently a Staff Writer on ABC’s THE GOLDBERGS, which is a show mostly about yelling. He also runs the daunting 15,000-member LA TV Writers Facebook Group. Aadip took an early departure from the MFA screenwriting program at AFI after being accepted into the ABC/Disney TV Writing Program. He has studied and performed comedy at all the same places as everyone else, so a name drop would be meaningless. Aadip was the longtime co-host/producer of the On The Page screenwriting podcast and President of the Northwest Screenwriters Guild. He’s most known for his issues chopping onions as a cast member on S4 of Food Network’s WORST COOKS IN AMERICA.

In his somewhat hazy life before writing, Aadip had a long career in the music business working with the best and worst of humanity as a session/touring musician (drums, trumpet), music supervisor, and executive in charge of background music for Starbucks globally when it was still good. He has a vestigial BA in Economics and a minor in Music from the University of Puget Sound. Aadip is tolerated by his wife, humbled by his two daughters, and nursemaid to two geriatric Maltese dogs. In the last year, he’s killed four sideburn trimmers. Aadip is repped by David Baggelaar at Good Fear Content and Varun Monga at Kaplan Stahler Agency.