Charles D. King

Founder & CEO, MACRO; Producer, Sorry To Bother You

Los Angeles, California, United States

Charles D. King is Founder & CEO of MACRO, a leading media brand representing the voice and perspectives of people of color. King is a visionary leader, long recognized for his keen eye for talent, strategic deal-making and his long-horizon thinking. As CEO of MACRO, King oversees the company’s focus on creating, developing, producing and financing film, television, digital content, tech companies and brands driven by people of color that encompass universal themes to which all people can connect and relate. MACRO has emerged as an innovative and progressive company set on changing the way business is done. Some of the projects include Fences, which starred Denzel Washington and Viola Davis, Mudbound directed by Dee Rees, Roman J. Israel, Esq. starring Washington and Sorry to Bother You directed by Boots Riley. Since the company’s inception in 2015, MACRO’s projects have received nine Oscar nominations.