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It was March 2020. New York was just getting its first lockdown. I remember getting picked up by a grey Toyota Camry. Sitting behind the wheel was an anxious, overworked Chinese man — he looked like he hadn’t slept in days. Ironically from the city of Wuhan, he confided in me his struggles as an Uber driver. Life for him was about survival. Striving to make ends meet, he faced prejudice night after night.

As a young artist from Hong Kong, I understand his loneliness — I wanted to make a film that questions our capacity for kindness during turbulence.

Tiger is a 22-year-old NYC based filmmaker by way of Hong Kong. His previous short film, WUHAN DRIVER, caught the attention of EP Jonathan Sanger (ELEPHANT MAN), and screened at festivals including Rhode Island International Film Festival (winner, Filmmaker of the Future Award), LA Shorts Fest, Asian American International Film Festival, Sidewalk Film Festival, National Film Festival for Talented Youth (winner, Audience Award). His following short, DEATH & RAMEN, stars comedian Bobby Lee and actor Matt Jones (BREAKING BAD). A past student of acclaimed filmmakers Ruben Ostlund (TRIANGLE OF SADNESS, THE SQUARE), Lucrecia Martel (LA CIÉNAGA), and alum of 2022 Short to Feature Lab led by Jim Cummings (THUNDER ROAD), Tiger aims to create films that fuse Eastern and Western sensibilities. more...

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