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Quentin is a millennial stockbroker who is relying on Dating Apps to meet the woman of his dreams. Veronica is Quentin's seemingly unique date. However, things are about to get bizarrely familiar.

London, UK
Hello, My name is John Plas and I am an actor, writer, director. I acted, wrote and directed a short film called LAMAZE CLASSES, which has been screened at 6 Film Festivals: Semi Finalist at: Indie X Los Angeles Film Festival. Finalist at: Kosice International Film Festival. Official Selection at: Best of Latin America Short Film Festival. Official Selection at: BeBop Channel New York Film Festival. Official Selection at: First Time Filmmakers Film Festival. Official Selection at: Lift Off Global Film Festival. I won the First MANDY Award Acting Prize in 2016. I had a role in the 2015 film Bastille Day and made guest appearances in US and UK TV Series. I first appeared in television series such as ''How NOT to kill your husband''. I am set to appear on stage in a new dark comedy production I wrote at a London West End theater (when lockdown is over). I am currently developing the screenplay of my first feature film called ''RESURRECTION''. Thank you so much for checking out my profile. Best wishes, John Plas more...

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