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A short experimental documentary recounting memories of people navigating the world as a non-man.

Nairobi, Kenya
Patricia Geula is a filmmaker based in Kenya. Her work centers around the gruesome yet sometimes beautiful complexities of human beings trying to survive the recognition of the inevitability of life and its ephemeral nature. Through the use of moving images and text, she delves into the realms of ecstatic truths, ancestral core wounds, mental health, sexual ecstasy and the mystical powers of music. Her short film It must be in the attempt was shown in Nairobi's Shots, Shorts and Shorts Film Festival and We both dream of waves was shown by the international feminist organisation CREA, Earth Pearl Collective’s Sovereign Film Festival 2020 and BAD REP Theatre's 2020 Winter Showcase in Berkeley, California. She is currently working on her short fiction film; Whispers from my mother, which was part of the Durban Talent 2021 edition. more...

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