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A high risk young woman navigates forming a personal connection during Venice Carnevale, 2022.

Miami, FL, USA
Amalia May Valle is an award-winning actor and writer from Miami, Florida. After graduating from Barry University, she moved to New York City. There, she got the opportunity to study with the late, great acting teacher, Robert X. Modica. Amalia worked in both theater and film in NYC, interning and acting at The Looking Glass Theater, acting in independent films, and studying screenwriting at the Gotham Writers Workshop. In 2016, she filmed the web series “Without a Hitch”, which she wrote, produced and co-starred in. “Without a Hitch” is a comedy about two friends who make a bet to make light of the pressures they face as young women and minorities. The series was proudly featured in a story by NBC Latino and premiered at the Miami Web Series festival, winning “Best Screenplay”. Last year, Amalia starred in the film, “The First Time”, based on a script that she wrote. She is currently developing her next film, “One Percent”. Her quarantine short film, “Jump”, that she wrote, directed and acts in, is currently featured in the Shelter Shorts online film festival. Amalia moved back to Miami 3 years ago and currently resides with her husband Carlos and their daughter, Sofia. She returns to NYC regularly to work on projects and considers herself a part-time New Yorker. more...

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