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Lila goes to her grandmother's to spend the weekend. There she meets her cousin Maxime, with whom she has been very close since childhood. It is during this weekend that an event will forever mark the relationship between the two and change Lila’s worldview.

This film traces the complicity and innocence of childhood as it confronts the insidious violence of adolescence, where unhealthy dynamics between men and women are built and spread. Troubled Water is an immersive film that takes us into the point of view and experience of a young woman in the shattering of her innocence.

Nadia Louis-Desmarchais is a young afro feminist director who aspires to give a voice to those we too often refuse to hear. Moving from documentary to fiction, she directed ‘’Rated X’’, a short documentary who won the Grand Jury prize at the Vox Feminae Film Festival and showcased in multiples festivals such as Regard, RVQC, Filministes as well as ‘’Tell me all about my body’’ and ‘’Urban’’. Her first fiction short film "Troubled Water" showcased at the FNC Film Festival, and VGIK International Student Film Festival. Nadia won the prize for ‘’Best Hope Documentary Director ‘’ from the René Malo Chair in Cinema UQAM and the National Film Board of Canada for her upcoming short film ‘’I can dream’. She is currently writing her first mid-length documentary "Black and White", which is supported in development by SODEC as well as developing her first fiction webserie ‘’The Meteorites’’ with TOU.TV. Putting forward a unique and deep sensitivity in her artistic approach, Nadia is eager to dive into the professional sphere to write and carry out intimate scenarios which, according to her, give the cinema its universal power. more...

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