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A woman is born powerful, they can change things around them, and they have done it time and again, but the rest of the world, including women themselves, always mock them. The Warrior is a story of a woman, a wife, and a mother, Suman. Who wants to come back to the wrestling ring, but her peer woman wrestlers mock her and try to make her realize that women, after a certain age, are better to be at home.

Suman, the main protagonist of "The Warrior," fights with her internal conflict of giving away her crucial match each time she comes across an unavoidable situation. And she fights with the rest of the world and her own community to prove her point that, 'If a woman is determined to achieve something, no matter how difficult it is, they achieve it."

Suman raises the bar for all the mothers and the wives that they can still achieve their dream if they have a strong dedication and determination.

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