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To fulfil the last wish of her dying father, Olivia has to ask her EX for a favor, and wait for her reply all night. Having no control over the situation is triggering her OCD and its getting increasingly difficult to deal with the voices in her head. As her world falls apart all around her, Olivia finds her voice for a fleeting moment as the eerie silent night concludes.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
I am an actor by training, and have been working and writing and directing for theatre for the last 10 years. I am only 21 and I have recently started to transition into film-making. My career goals are to be a screen-writer, actor and film-maker, but currently I am an enthusiastic student of 'all things cinema'. I have a degree in Cultural anthropology and I have written 4 research papers on 'new wave bollywood' and 'Indian web-series industry'. I have also worked as a DA, script supervisor and production manager for short films and web-series. more...

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