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"The Call" is a script of an evening in Olivia's life where learns about her ill father's final days of life. Trying to cope up with this fact, a call that she gets has something in store for her.

Thane, Maharashtra, India
"Nothing is simple. Simple is difficult." I jumped into the world of cinema with an intention of shooting simple stories. I am a Story-teller, but I am most comfortable telling it on a screen. I am 30 now. Started at the age of 17 with one handy-cam corder and numerous short films for festivals. Currently finishing my first feature length independent project as a writer-director, shot in my mother tongue - Marathi for OTT. I will always call it "making stories" as I've always considered myself as - a Director who Writes. So, whenever I speak about a 'story' - it is more of making it into a film than telling it verbally. Films is my way of bringing a change. A way of repaying back to the society the way fate has given what I have today. I am not on a mission or something - if there's anything that I look forward to doing, then it is making subtle and real stories that reflect and amplify human emotions, tendencies and values - so that we become a better version of ourselves. And of course all this with a tinge of drama to it - coz at the end of the day - it is cinema. more...

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