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The Blood of Life is a one-hour drama that follows a young Dracul living in The Shire. Dracul’s father Vladimir a bloodthirsty, exiled warlord, is killing Magiks' and harnessing their powers. He's forever attempting to overthrow the Elven King Orleao.

In the pilot The Dragon’s Heart, Vladimir raids the temple of a powerful oracle named Lyseria. He's in search of a map that will lead him to Vega, The Last Dragon. During the raid, she envisions Dracul as a great warrior and spares his life. Vladimir learns Vega's location, captures and tortures her. Dracul escapes the war camp to find Arla, the elven princess. He begs her to heal to Vega. She restores her back to life and together they escape into the forrest. The episode ends with Radu, Dracul’s brother threatening to expose him just as Vladimir finds another magical source.

The Blood of Life is Game of Thrones meets Gotham. It’s a gothic fantasy drama.

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