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An elderly man who is losing his wife and a young boy letting go of his mother form an unlikely bond after crossing paths in a hospital.

Born and raised in New York City, Alexander Hagani is a writer/director/producer whose work focuses on a time in his life that he can now look back on with objectivity: his childhood. His films detail his family members and his unique upbringing being a child of divorce. Alexander completed his M.A. in Filmmaking at the London Film School. During his time in London, Alexander was mentored by directors and producers who have won BAFTA's, Academy Awards, and various prizes at Cannes, Berlin, and other International Film Festivals. Alexander has directed fives short films, which have been nominated and won various awards on the film festival circuit. In addition, Alexander produces projects other than his own in his spare time. Alexander resides in Brooklyn, NY, where he founded his own independent entertainment company, NORTH130, out of his apartment. more...

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