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A social satire set in a future our real world is heading toward, THINGS WE TAKE FOR GRANTED follows a discussion between two friends who disagree about whether the place they are is a beach or not.

Chino Hills, CA, USA
Jaie is a South Asian writer-producer from Chino Hills, a suburb an hour outside Los Angeles. He studied Political Science during his undergrad at UCLA and had development & production internships at the Producers Guild, STARZ, Focus Features, and NBCUniversal (USA & SYFY). In the last year, Jaie completed both Sundance Co//ab’s TV Writing course with Angela LeManna & Co//ab’s Directing course with Rebecca Murga. He's a Vice-President at the Rickshaw Film Foundation, a non-profit aimed at uplifting South Asian artists & stories in entertainment. He’s also a Board Member at WalkGood LA, a wellness & social justice nonprofit. Jaie was attached as a Co-Producer on a half-hour comedy sold to Warner Bros Horizon in 2019, but the project has since been looking for a new studio home. Jaie creates his art to bring people together and hopes anyone seeing his work, big or small, can somehow feel seen, loved, inspired, reflective or like they belong. The inspiration for his voice & selflessness in his personality and comes from his Mom, a single working-class South Asian parent born in Kenya, raised in England, and immigrant to the United States. Jaie’s art is grounded in his upbringing, so he’s drawn to telling South Asian stories and stories with South Asian characters. His stories often explore themes of identity, culture, & history, but he specifically loves exploring elements of surrealism in his stories, a stylistic choice that adds to his unique voice and visual style. That choice also grounds his stories in a way that is artistic and human. more...

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