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An obsessed bodybuilder who struggles with personal demons and his family’s lack of support soon learns that achieving perfection is all he has left.

New York, NY, USA
Raymond Knudsen is a director, producer and production coordinator based in NYC. With a plethora of national recognition that includes a 2014 Burt Reynolds Scholarship, 2019 National Television Broadcast with PBS and over 40 film festival screenings, Knudsen aims to tell slice of life stories within the worlds of bodybuilding, American football and dysfunctional families that remind people they are not alone. In 2020, Knudsen was a Field Producer for 4TH AND FOREVER: MUCK CITY, which is streaming on HBO Max and CuriosityStream. Knudsen has coordinated commercial productions for brands such as Nike, LG, Remy Martin and Carolina Herrera. He is also a graduate from the FSU College of Motion Picture Arts. Knudsen founded BIG BLUE PICTURES in 2020. Their newest short films, PREP and WEAPONS AND THEIR NAMES, will premiere in 2022. more...

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