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My favorite class in college was entitled “Spaceship Earth” and on the first day of class Dr. Weldon asked us to close our eyes and “Imagine we’re on a spaceship, way out in space, we’ve only got so much air, so much water…”. I got it right away! That’s us, Earth. We have a limited amount of resources that will not be replaced! It was a term coined by Buckminster Fuller in 1952.

I was born south of Cleveland, Ohio in the small town of Berea, near the Cuyahoga River which used to catch on fire in the 1960’s because it was so polluted. I remember doing art projects in 4th grade on the fires. Between that and growing up in the beautiful midwest woods and connecting with nature knowing all the names of the birds and trees, I’ve been deeply inspired to caring about our beautiful planet Earth!

It’s stories like these that I share along with images, art, photography, science and live music! And by using the left and right parts of the brain, it makes an even stronger impact! And it’s fun!

Eco-Cycle of Boulder, Colorado (one of the first curb-side recycle programs in the USA in 1976) and the Environmental Protection Agency state that over 40% of our greenhouse emissions (that’s almost half the problem!) come from the way products are extracted, produced, transported and gotten rid of (even recycling takes energy) and that striving for zero waste is one of the easiest and quickest ways to fight climate change.

You don’t need to believe in Climate Change if you really stop and think about our population being close to two billion and growing exponentially to see we can not continue to live our “disposable” lifestyle and sustain life on the planet.

So please join me and become a Jedi for Spaceship Earth!

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