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On a college backpacking trip, a Chinese girl grapples with questions of identity after she finds herself at a crossroads between her Chinese classmate and her fear of being perceived as an outsider.

Raina Liwen Yang
Raina Yang (she/her) is a Film Directing/Screenwriting MFA Candidate at Columbia University. She has Bachelor’s degrees in Film and Cognitive Science from UC Berkeley. Formerly a nonfiction writer and a journalist, she has published in various magazines and newspapers. Since becoming a filmmaker, she has written, directed, and edited two short films featuring Asian stories and voices, as well as short documentaries featuring student artists. Raina regularly conducts field research and interviews in different communities, striving to tell stories that interweave with lived experiences. Due to her personal experience of straddling two cultures, Raina is interested in characters who try to understand different sides of their identities, who live in conflict with compassion. She seeks to explore the fluidity of social definitions and to make an impact on the real world through her creative works.

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