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A mother's love is eternal.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Cristi Rumpza is a comedy writer and filmmaker from the sprawling, passive aggressive planes of the Midwest. After graduating from film school with a degree in Cinematography, she founded Girls Aren’t Funny Productions where she co-wrote and directed a dark comedy pilot that premiered at the New York Television Festival. Her experience in production has led to crew positions at Cracked, College Humor, and ABC. In her earlier career, Cristi worked as a juvenile corrections officer so she can also diffuse a fistfight, should one arise. Her background in social services contributes to the unsavory yet relatable nature of her characters, and she enjoys using comedy to approach larger social issues that shed light on the viewer’s own moral compass. Her scripts have advanced at Austin Film Festival, Screencraft, the Sundance Episodic Program, and the Female Voices Rock Film Festival. In her free time, Cristi volunteers for LA Animal Services as a caseworker for a program that aims to keep pets with their families. She is also a board member at Chicks With Scripts, a resource for female-identifying television writers. more...

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