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ÀSHE is a 3D fiction feature of a double love story set in a UNESCO World Heritage site in Africa (were the writer/co director is born). ÀSHE is a 90 page script at this stage on the love & loss of the first white Yoruba priestess, fighting for authenticity by creating gigantic sculpture and shrines in the sacred forest showing us inspiring insights of an ancient wisdom how to live in tune with our planet through the power in diversity of the people living on it.

ÀSHE is a 3D sensual love story with stand alone VR journeys through her art work to extend the cinematic experience enabling the audience to feel as if they have touched her sculptures, felt the woodcarvings in the shrines and smelled the sacred forest in Nigeria -being part of- instead of merely spectators to - her extraordinary world. Sensing the state humanity belongs to. ÀSHE was developed at the 3D Film Lab: Cross Channel Film lab in 2015 under François Garnier, the 3D supervisor for Wim Wenders PINA, selected for the 3D Film Booster in Belgium in 2016 and the first Africa Hub at the Berlinale in 2017. The 4th draft has taken in the comments of her adopted children still alive and the foundation responsible for the renovation of her artwork in the last two years. We are looking for co-producers.

Andrea ter Avest Dahm
Born and raised in Nigeria Andrea grew up with stories instead of toys. in Amsterdam she studied film studies specialising in narration in African fiction films. After years in Kenya - Nairobi she follows, now from a little farm in Denmark, the Divine drip feed of stories in films to guide her to belonging, finding ancient wisdom on how humanity belongs.

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