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I've taken refuge in rewatching old VHS videos. I dusted off my Digital Handycam Camcorder that has long since been discontinued by the manufacturer, and was surprised when it still worked. I quickly became reacquainted with its tapes. During this time of reflection, separation, and isolation I’m longing more and more to see the faces of my family and friends. I’ve been playing these old home movies over and over--in an attempt to be there again. This contrast makes all of this, that much more valuable. Once things aren’t there that’s when you realize the very ordinary moments are SACRED.

Philadelphia, PA, USA
I am a writer, artist, and educator from Philadelphia. I am an art teacher in the Philadelphia public school system, and I have worked for The Mural Arts Program, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Wagner Free Institute of Science, WHYY, etc. My work explores a variety of topics: family dynamics, the human condition, nostalgia, connection to nature, and responsibility to the planet to ensure generations to come while restoring connections in fractured communities. I believe that art, in any of its forms, is a powerful tool that can generate change on a personal, local and global level. more...

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