Producer Sev Ohanian has had a meteoric rise as a creative producer. For him the key is developing and building healthy relationships. 

Key Insights

  • When you’re starting out, finding opportunities to casually meet other professionals can help you to gain momentum.The best way to build a sustaining network is to consistently perform at a high level and foster strong, genuine relationships through each project.
  • When staying in touch with your contacts, balance over-contacting with only showing up when you need something. Share exciting updates with your network and be sure to express your gratitude to those who have helped you.
  • When asking for advice, prep in advance to demonstrate that you’ve thought through your request. Time is precious and expertise is a commodity.
  • Although it’s tempting to try and access those you perceive to have power, focus on your peers. As your community matures in their careers, you will have a great network to carry you forward. 

Sev Ohanian is a writer/producer who’s been a producer on 13 feature films – including Sundance films Fruitvale Station, Results, and The Intervention. more...

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