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My father comes from generations of wheat farmers in the Chinese countryside. When I visited in 2019, I learned that my grandfather had sold the farmland in order to keep up with changing times. While I saw this as an erasure of my family history, my grandfather pointed out a swath of plum trees outside of his house that were planted by his own grandfather. As long as the trees remained, nothing would truly ever change.

Plum Town is a love letter to family, heritage, and the people and places who have made us who we are today.

Kelly Yu is a Swedish-born, New Orleans raised, Chinese-American writer and director. Her work is driven by a distinct voice and visual style shaped by her experiences navigating three different cultures, as well as a fascination with finding humanity within the absurd. Most recently, her short STORY OF YOUR LIFE was one of the 25 films selected to screen nationally at the 2021 PBS Short Film Festival, and her feature script PLUM TOWN currently holds the rare "9" rating on the Black List. She is the recipient of the prestigious Jack Nicholson Scholarship in Writing, as well as a Finalist for the 2021 Writers Guild of America Michael Collyer Screenwriting Fellowship and the 2021 Black List Feature Lab. more...

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