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This is my first Fiction Film, I wrote the screenplay for this challenge. I filmed this with my cell phone, the Moto g power. I came up with the idea to do an Indiana Jones sort of fan film. I won a Kabuki Marionette at an Auction years ago, figured that would make a good artifact.

The exterior shots are near Red Rock Canyon outside of Las Vegas, and the interiors in my roommates house. This was a real challenge, my Moto g power had trouble finding focus (zooming in and out) and much of the footage was not useable. Editing was very interesting.

Thank you to the Sundance Collab for this opportunity.

I enjoy Content Marketing for Small Business and Lean Manufacturing - Trying to find a way to bring both to my Filmmaking. On and off through my life I have made films, since my first Panasonic VHS Camcorder in 1987 (I used this, a VCR, and a Sony Disc Man to edit my films and add a soundtrack). I so enjoy this digital age, so many companies are giving power to the people to create! more...

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