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Necessity of Life (2021) is a short film about a middle-aged taxi driver must drive his female passenger home but his intentions are unclear. It is a story of everyday encounters, between the working and upper class, especially the Native
and Chinese-Indonesian people in Indonesia.

Kevin Rahardjo is an independent filmmaker based in Jakarta, Indonesia. His Chinese descent exposed him to a lot of cultural differences and social issues in Indonesia which influence his works today. The main focus of Rahardjo's works engages with gender expression, political, cultural and also a narrative attempt against racism in Indonesia. Kevin was a selected participant of Video Montage Workshop & Open Review for Emerging Practitioner at Museum MACAN (Jakarta, Indonesia) in 2020. His films have been shown at various film festival such as Urbanworld Film Festival, Encounter Film Festival, Tampere Film Festival, Choreoscope Dance Film Festival and ReelOzInd! Australia-Indonesia Short Film Festival. more...

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