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A romantic comedy about two people who meet once for 30 minutes, after which a tour de force of passionate online romance between two cities across the ocean begins to challenge all the options the virtual space offers.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Hi, I am Halina. My recent experimental film The Purple Video is a film about love and premiered at the Brooklyn Film Festival, San Francisco International Festival of Short Films, London Short Film Festival, and Culver City Film Festival in Los Angeles and will be part of the program Sunspots: New Visions of the Avant-Garde at the 29th Florida Film Festival in August 2020. I studied film, photography, and sound at Carnegie Mellon College of Fine Arts in Pittsburgh and am a graduate of the College of Fine Arts in Berlin. Set in the midst of a societal crisis, my new film Lucid Dreams is a six-minute Greek epic from a second-person point of view about strange dreams, growing things, intimacy and cooperative visions. more...

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