Master Classes are in-depth, interactive learning experiences focused on craft and career building and led by renowned industry experts. Topics include fiction and documentary filmmaking, TV writing and production, and navigating and succeeding in the entertainment industry. 

Whether you’re a director or an editor, editing documentaries can seem daunting. You might have to sift through hundreds of hours of footage to find your story and turn it into a polished, compelling movie. But, documentary editing can also be one of the most creative and rewarding experiences in the film industry. Join Sundance award-winning documentary editor Jacob Bricca as he explains the logistical, creative and collaborative tools you’ll need to shape and complete a successful film.

In this live and interactive three-hour event, Jacob will use examples from his own feature films as editor and director to demonstrate the key things you need to know about the post-production process. If you are a director or producer, you will gain a better understanding of what your editor does and how to elevate your collaboration. You will have an opportunity to ask questions so that you’ll walk away with the knowledge you need for a rewarding post-production process.

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Topics covered include:

  • 0:00:00 - 0:05:10: Welcome and introduction from Sundance Collab
  • 0:05:10 - 0:12:04: Overview from Jacob
  • 0:12:04 - 0:25:05: Documentary Editing Principles
  • 0:25:25 - 0:44:07: Documentary Editing Processes
    • 0:25:45 - 0:27:25: Organizing your footage
    • 0:27:25 - 0:29:23: Watching your footage using Assembly Reels
    • 0:29:23 - 0:36:26: Observing patterns and drawing conclusions with select reels
    • 0:36:26 - 0:42:04: Going from rough cut to fine cut to final cut
    • 0:42:04 - 0:43:40 The Director/Editor Relationship
    • 0:43:40 - 0:44:07: Picture Lock
  • 0:44:07 - 0:58:50: Q&A Break 1
  • 0:58:50 - 0:1:04:05: Creating Meaning in Documentary Editing
  • 1:04:05 - 1:35:53: Understanding the different types of Documentary editing
    • 1:04:25 - 1:25:00: Evidentiary Editing
    • 1:25:00 - 1:30:00: Verite Editing
    • 1:30:00 - 1:35:53: Montage Editing
  • 1:35:53 - 1:47:19: Q&A Break 2
  • 1:47:19 - 2:17:00: Narrative Strategies
  • 2:17:00 - 2:31:00: Tips and Tricks
  • 2:31:00 - 2:45:00: Q&A Break 3
  • 2:45:00- 2:50:42: Wrap up and final announcements

Jacob Bricca, ACE is an award-winning film editor, director, producer, and scholar. He has edited eleven feature documentaries including the international theatrical hit LOST IN LA MANCHA, the Independent Lens Audience Award Winner JIMMY SCOTT: IF YOU ONLY KNEW, the 2016 Sundance Special Jury Award Winner THE BAD KIDS and the 2021 Critics Choice Documentary Awards Nominee MISSING IN BROOKS COUNTY. His producing and directing credits include films screened at the Berlin International Film Festival, DOC NYC, and the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival. He is a member of the American Cinema Editors, where he is Co-Chair of the ACE Education Committee. more...

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