Master Classes are in-depth, interactive learning experiences focused on craft and career building and led by renowned industry experts. Topics include fiction and documentary filmmaking, TV writing and production, and navigating and succeeding in the entertainment industry.

As a creator, one of the most daunting tasks is attracting producers, financiers, buyers, or other collaborators, and convincing them your story and vision is worth backing. Creating a compelling pitch deck can succinctly build out the world of your feature film or series, magnify its irresistible nuances, and cement your singular style and tone. But how do you make a pitch deck that sells? What differs between independent film and television? What do you need to include, and what can be left out? And if you cannot afford a graphic designer, are there tools that you can use?

This Master Class will cover what goes into an effective pitch deck for film and TV, tools you can use to create on your own, and things to consider as you put all of the pieces together.

Industry professionals Alexandra Barreto, Taylor Feltner, and DMA Anderson will walk you through the process of creating a professional pitch deck and share lessons they have learned from creating and reviewing pitch decks over the years.

Topics covered include:

  • 0:00:00 - 0:04:23:  Introduction of class and Feature Film Pitch Deck instructors Alexandra Barretto and Taylor Feltner
  • 0:04:23 - 0:09:05:  The journey of “Late Bloomers” from pitch to distribution
  • 0:09:05 - 0:11:12:  Why build a pitch deck?
  • 0:11:12 - 0:11:57:  What a pitch deck is supposed to accomplish
  • 0:11:57 - 0:15:53:  Gathering the materials for a pitch deck
  • 0:15:53 -0:18:17:  Choosing the tools to design your pitch deck
  • 0:18:17 - 0:22:47:  Collaborating to building the deck
  • 0:22:47 - 0:27:04:  How “Late Bloomers” pitch deck was put together
  • 0:27:04 - 0:30:05:  The evolution of the pitch deck (financing, casting)
  • 0:30:05 - 0:48:13:  Walk through “Late Bloomers” pitch deck
  • 0:48:13 - 0:55:28:  Pitch deck vs. Cookbook, alternate pitch deck example
  • 0:55:28 - 0:57:09:  What came out of “Late Bloomers” deck and lessons learned
  • 0:57:09 - 0:59:55:  “Late Bloomers” trailer
  • 1:00:13 - 1:19:09:  Q&A
  • 1:19:29 - TV Pitch Decks, Introduction of DMA Anderson
  • 1:20:47 - 1:23:09:  Introduction to TV Pitch Decks, live poll
  • 1:23:09 - 1:30:04:  Interactive Exercise; show descriptions preparing the pitch
  • 1:31:55 - 1:34:00:  Prepping your TV pitch
  • 1:34:00 - 1:36:57:  Wow, Me! The Credits
  • 1:36:57 - 1:45:55:  Why Me? My Connection
  • 1:45:55 - 1:58:30:  Why Now? The World
  • 1:58:30 - 2:08:00:  What’s the dilemma? The Logline
  • 2:08:00 - 2:20:54:  Whose Journey? The Characters
  • 2:20:54 - 2:27:17:  How it Flows - The Pilot
  • 2:27:17 - The Meaning of the series
  • 2:28:30 - 2:29:42:  Presenting the deck
  • 2:29:42 - 2:30:40:  Sample TV pitches/bibles
  • 2:30:40 - 2:35:27:  Researching for your TV pitch, utilizing IMDbPro to find buyers
  • 2:35:27 - 2:36:09:  Pitching your series from the inside out
  • 2:36:09 - 2:47:52:  Q&A
  • 2:47:52 - 2:50:45:  Closing

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Taylor Feltner is a producer working across multiple genres and mediums, from scripted features and documentaries to commercials. more...
Alexandra Barreto has been working on sets for over twenty years as an actress, writer, producer, and director. Alexandra’s directorial debut LADY HATER premiered at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival and was named “Top 5 not to be missed shorts from the Tribeca Film Festival” by Forbes. She directed the Audible Original Series CUT AND RUN starring Meg Ryan, Rachel Bloom, and Sam Richardson. She wrote and directed a segment for the horror/comedy anthology, SCARE PACKAGE 2: RAD CHAD’S REVENGE, a sequel to the Shudder hit SCARE PACKAGE. more...
DMA Anderson
DMA Anderson is a veteran TV producer and executive, tech entrepreneur, and multi-sector strategic consultant. As a producer, DMA has helmed top-rated programming for CBS, Bravo, BET, A&E, TLC and more, authored two entertainment books that are taught in media programs nationwide, and written, produced and showrun over 100 hours of television.

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