Podcasts and other formats of audio-storytelling have become ubiquitous in recent years. It allows creators of fiction and nonfiction to tell their stories in a format that is inexpensive to produce, easy to distribute, and widely consumed by diverse global audiences. So what do you need to get started? Like other media formats, a successful audio story needs an original and engaging story or topic, compelling characters and/or narrators, and a creative team behind it who is willing to adapt to this evolving landscape. Join George Lavender, Senior Vice President of Content at Wondery, in a live, three-hour, online Master Class where he'll cover the basics of audio storytelling, making the transition from visual to audio storytelling, and his ideas for creating compelling work. Special guests will share what they have learned as creators and the challenges they have overcome to find success in this rapidly expanding market.

Topics covered include:

  • The basic elements of audio storytelling 
  • What works in this format
  • Outlining a series
  • Key production elements
  • Finding and building your audience

Table of Contents:

  • Introductions
  • From visual to audio storytelling
  • Storytelling with Sound
  • Visual scene/Art of the Audio Interview with Lata Pandya
  • How to record audio remotely? with Melissa Dueñas
  • You’ve made a podcast, now what?
  • Panel: James Kim and Martina Castro
  • Closing remarks

*This event includes explicit content that might not be suitable for all audiences


Download the list of resources from George Lavender

George Lavender is an Emmy award-winning journalist and the Senior Vice President of Content at Wondery. He is an executive producer on the network's hit mini-series including DR. DEATH, THE SHRINK NEXT DOOR, and JACKED. Before joining Wondery he reported stories for NPR, Marketplace, and 99 Percent Invisible among others. He was an instructor at USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism and has taught audio storytelling and journalism in universities, high schools and community groups around the world. more...
Lata Pandya is the Senior Manager of Miniseries at Wondery. She shepherded the reporting and production as managing producer on DR DEATH Season Two, JACKED, and KAMALA: NEXT IN LINE among others. She was also integral to the writing and reporting of Wondery's series DO NO HARM that took an in-depth look at Child Protective Services in Houston, Texas. more...
Martina Castro (@martinacastro) is the founder and CEO of Adonde Media (@adondemedia), a globally-minded podcast production company based in Los Angeles, CA. Over the past fifteen years, Martina has produced and edited award-winning audio content in both the U.S. and Latin America. more...
James Kim is a Los Angeles based podcast creator. Previously, he worked on Radiotopia's STRANGERS, MARKETPLACE, DEADLY MANNERS, THE DINNER PARTY DOWNLOAD, KPCC, and GIMLET MEDIA. Most recently, he made the fiction show MOONFACE, which landed on the "Best of 2019" lists from Vulture, Spotify, Time Magazine, and The A.V. Club. more...
Melissa Dueñas is an Associate Producer at Wondery. She has helped produce “Jacked” and “The Apology Line.” Before joining Wondery, she was a Maximum Fun Production Fellow for NPR’s Bullseye with Jesse Thorn, as well as a freelance journalist. She has published work for KPCC, KQED, LA Taco and Ampersand LA. Melissa received her M.A. in Arts Journalism from USC Annenberg, and her B.A. in American Studies from UC Berkeley. more...

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