Showrunner and Executive Producer Glen Mazzara (The Walking Dead, The Shield) leads a three-hour Master Class with a focus on writing for television. Using interactive exercises, real-world examples, and case studies from the field, Mazzara reveals the necessary skills for breaking into the writers’ room and succeeding as a staff writer.

Trigger Warning: This video contains a scene breakdown from 1:38-1:48 dealing with a traumatic assault. We encourage you to practice self-care while viewing this video.

Topics covered include: 

    4:23 - Introductions

    8:50 - Glen Mazzara Recounts His Career Path

    18:30 - Role of the Showrunner and How it Relates to the Writing Team

    22:45 - Other Roles: The “Number Two”, Producing Positions, and Staff Writers

    25:29 - The Mechanics of the Writers’ Room

    36:22 - Beating Out a Story and the Writing Process

    49:25 - Q&A: The Writers’ Room

    1:08:50 - Creating Characters

    1:24:00 - Q&A: Creating Characters

    1:33:50 - Scene Design

    1:38:20 - Scene Breakdowns: What Works and What Doesn’t

    1:59:26 - Crafting a Pilot and Setting Up a Show

    2:09:18 - The Character Pass: How to Strengthen Your Characters’ Voices

    2:21:18 - Closing Q&A

    2:43:15 - Closing Thoughts


    Download the list of resources from Glen Mazzara

Glen Mazzara is a television writer/creator/showrunner who is currently developing Stephen King’s "Dark Tower" novels as a series for a streaming network. He was Executive Producer and Showrunner for AMC's record-breaking series, "The Walking Dead", which earned him two Saturn awards and was listed as one of AFI’s Top Ten TV Programs of 2012. more...

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