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The entertainment industry adage goes that comedy is the hardest genre to write. This three-hour, live, online master class with a celebrated comedy writer reveals the creative process of crafting feature scripts that engage audiences with humor and pathos. Using real-world examples, the class focuses on how to develop compelling characters, the importance of obstacles and stakes in your screenplay, and how to create successful comedic setups and payoffs.


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Topics presented include:

    5:45 - Introduction

    8:55 - Victoria Strouse on What Comedy Is

    19:05 - Why Comedy Can’t Be Taught

    20:30 - Using Truth and Specificity in Your Writing

    30:15 - Developing Character

    32:25 - Character in Parenthood

    49:08 - Creating Obstacles

    56:00 - Generating Stakes

    1:03:00 - Building Relationships

    1:19:30 - Q&A

    1:37:40 - Disguising Exposition

    1:50:00 - Setups, Payoffs, and Jokes

    1:52:50 - Creating Complex Scenes Through Efficiency and Layering

    2:04:00 - High Concept vs. Low Concept Films

    2:05:20 - Concept Writing Exercise

    2:25:10 - Bridesmaids Scene Breakdown

    2:35:50 - Rewriting and Using Notes

    2:45:45 - What it is to be a Comedy Writer

    2:48:00 - Closing Q&A

Just out of film school, Victoria Strouse began her career with two major script sales - the second of which - JUST LIKE A WOMAN, sold in a bidding war to Newline Cinema. more...

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