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“Man of the Harvest” attempts to examine the personal and immediate impacts of gun violence; specifically school shootings. It details, fleetingly yet intimately, the relationship of Kevin and Owen, both curious young teenagers, during a normal day in and out of school. Their human experience may seem trite to them, however subject to an uncontrollable act of violence, the stage of grief becomes a powerful reminder of what was – and that it was beautiful and special.

Orion Eshel
I am a 19 year old writer and director who grew up in Costa Rica. As a young teenager aspiring to be a professional surfer, I began to make YouTube videos about my life which led me to discover my passion for filmmaking. In the last 5 years I’ve moved from YouTube to music videos and small commercials and now into writing and directing films. I was given the amazing gift of growing up surrounded and deeply connected to nature, and that connection is something I want to explore and show in my films. I’ve always found myself to be drawn to gentleness and delicateness in people and in the things around me, and this beautiful fragility in life can hopefully be seen in who I am and what I do.

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