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Set in 1990s Los Angeles, “MY F***CKING CONSCIENCE” is about a young aspiring Film Director that will do anything to make his short film also called “My f***cking conscience”. It revolves around STEVEN, MATHEW, JOHN, and ANNA among other characters. The story has a linear way of storytelling, with a chapter-like structure, where each chapter is a different moment in the characters’ lives and the making of the short film.
Parallel to the story of the filmmakers takes place another event. A day in the lives of two amateur contract killers and how their mistakes have a heavy toll on the making of the filmmakers' film.

Although I was born in Athens, Greece, most of my professional work has taken place in the UK where I moved to study and further expand my professional career. Over the years, I have worked on various short films and video projects which helped me gain valuable experiences and allowed me to meet amazing people I now partner with. ​ I am of the belief that to make something good, one has to love it and be committed to it. Filmmaking is a world by itself. It needs devotion, passion, and belief in oneself. We filmmakers are constant problem solvers. In order to maintain mental strength, we need to constantly keep moving and try to resolve the obstacles we face. Remember, most of the time things don't work the way we plan to. That is ok though, as long as we have the strength and are willing to keep going. more...

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