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A newly co-habitating Brooklyn couple throws their first small get-together since lockdown, with surprise appearances from their exes (played by the same actors), who unwittingly stir some shit up.

Jordan Randolph
Jordan Randolph is a Brooklyn-based writer, director, actor, and producer with a passion for telling stories of people with traditionally marginalized voices and backgrounds. She has produced, directed, and written sketch for Magnet Theater, UCB, and BoogieManja Sketch Collective. Her sketches have appeared on the Toronto Sketchfest stage, as well as on The Truth Podcast. She also co-wrote the web series “Six Story Walk-Up” and wrote and produced her 2019 short film “Coney Island,” which won Best Screenplay at the Reale Film Festival. As an actor, Jordan has appeared off-Broadway, in commercials, short films, and web series, and in many improv shows around the city. Most recently, she directed her first short film "Neighborhood Watch" for Future Facing Films, that highlights the potential dangers BIPOC communities face from the growing prevalence of facial recognition technologies.

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