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I’ve been working on a lot of revisions lately, as well as outlining new projects, so this was a great opportunity to actually write some pages. This is just a little stand alone scene about some friends at a birthday party.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Sarah Fischer grew up in a small, rural, Illinois town, where everyone knew everyone and the most popular club in high school was the Future Farmers of America. Fischer knew early that such a town would not hold her imagination, and so she set off to explore the world, from Costa Rica to Wales, trying to figure out where she was going and what to do when she got there. Fischer has worked in production and development at OddLot Entertainment, HeyDay Films, the Kennedy/Marshall Company, and USA Network. Currently, she works as the showrunner’s assistant on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. A quarter-finalist for the Screencraft screenwriting fellowship, a semifinalist for NBCUniversal’s Emerging Writers fellowship, and a finalist for the the Sundance/Sloan fellowship in 2015, 2016, and 2017, Fischer has placed in screenplay competitions with Final Draft’s Big Break, Scriptapalooza, ScreenCraft and the Austin Film Festival. She also wrote the film adaptation for Image Comics graphic novel series Revival. more...

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