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Email the creator @jayeshjaidka@gmail.com for password. He promises he won't take more than 10 min to reply.

HighBread is a dramedy about 3 millennials who, by the stroke of destiny,  come together to run a marijuana-based bakery in Boston. The show is about breaking stereotypes of cultures through the collegiate life of a city that has 108 universities.
The first episode is about Jai and how he overcomes the obstacle of always being controlled by his surroundings and finally makes a decision for himself which leads us to the marijuana-based bakery.

New York, NY, USA
A Telly Award Winner and A Gotham Alumni (previously known as the Independent Film Project) with 17 awards and over 34 film festival screenings as a film producer, director and editor. I am also a Masters graduate in Cinema and Media Production from Boston University and have enjoyed the success of pitching my TV show, Highbread, to studios like the Warner Bros. Television, AMC Networks, Sundance TV, Sony International and production companies like Gunpowder & Sky, Anonymous Content and Topic studios, to name a few. With over eight short films, one TV pilot, and three advertisements, I am taking my brainchild, Highbread, a narrative episodic comedy series, to the pitching floor and am currently scripting my first feature. more...

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