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Teleported to an unfamiliar world, an insecure teenager must chase after his kid-genius stepsister and return her home before their mom gets back from dinner.

New York, NY, USA
Daniel Novarro is a Puerto Rican Writer, Director, Editor, and VFX Artist from New Jersey. He is a graduate of NYU Tisch's film program. Constantly creating, Daniel has made hundreds of videos for the web which have accumulated over 80 million views. He has also created dozens of PSAs, Music Videos, and Commercials. He currently works as a freelance editor and VFX artist, creating content for clients such as Lil Nas X and VH1. An alumnus of prestigious film festivals such as the New York Latino Film Festival and the National Film Festival for Talented Youth, Daniel aims to promote Latino representation with his work. His inspiration comes from his family and he wishes to tell more stories where people like them are featured on the big screen. more...

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