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Logline: Upon discovering she has a serious brain tumor, an unorthodox Muslim woman must abandon her LA dreams and move back in with her religious family.

Bosnian born Elma Begovic is an actor/writer/producer. In the mid 90’s, her family fled to Berlin, as civil war and religious prosecution broke out in the Balkans. Elma and her family spent 6 years living in a refugee camp.

As a teenager, Elma immigrated to Canada. Her interest in film and acting grew, as she integrated into North American culture and learned the english language. Her penchant for story telling lead Ms. Begovic to Toronto, where she starred in a number of independent films, prior to making a permanent move to Los Angeles, in 2017.

In LA, Begovic started Seek Refuge Productions, an independent production company focused on producing inclusive stories about womxn and diversity. Her first project, Undone, was an official selection at USA and international festivals, including the Beverly Hills, Hollywood Reel Independent, and Sarajevo International film festivals. Begovic received a Best Actress Award for her performance in the short film.

Currently, Ms. Begovic is the recipient of the 2020 Harold Greenberg Shorts to Features Grant for her feature screenplay, The Day We Left. Begovic will star in, write and produce the semi autobiographical project, exclusive to Canadian broadcasters Bell Media and Crave TV.

When she’s not writing or hustling on sets, Elma is involved with several non profits, focused on amplifying diverse voices within the entertainment tapestry.

Elma Begovic

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