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In the midst of the pandemic, I came across an article on how Mother Nature is curing herself with nature reclaiming back. Therefore I decided challenge myself with the limitation of being confined; one location, a talent (my partner), a mobile phone to make a short film on how Mother Nature could destroy us and human could only comply.

Ric Lum is a graduate from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in the year 2003 have been working in the film industry in Singapore till now. Running as a Freelance Director/Producer, he started his humble beginning as an Assistant Producer working his way up to being a Producer for Corporate Video, Television Commercial, Short Film and Feature Film, finally being a Director in his own short films and corporate videos. In his years in the film industry, he made five short films, which include I.P (Instant Photo), Shift, The Lums, Stand Apart and Red Rose. He believes in making the short film that brings back the joy and entrainment of watching a movie, getting his audience to leave the show with a memory of what they just watch. He once says: “As long as my audience leave the show after it ended and throughout their life remember a particular scene from my film. I did my part as a filmmaker.” more...

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