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David Lowery is an award-winning writer/director/editor and Sundance Institute Lab and Festival Alum with a body of work that ranges from indie films (AIN’T THEM BODIES SAINTS and A GHOST STORY) to Disney productions (PETE’S DRAGON and the upcoming PETER PAN AND WENDY) and the soon-to-be released THE GREEN KNIGHT for A24. Join us for a special session, moderated by SVP of Innovation Michael Cioni, as David takes us from his early days as a young auteur to his present-day career as a director who juggles multiple films from across the globe. Learn what it means to create the film from script to screen, how he’s able to remain Texas-based while collaborating internationally, and where he sees the future of filmmaking—and the role technology plays in it.

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David Lowery is an American filmmaker whose works as a writer and director include AIN'T THEM BODIES SAINTS (2013), PETE'S DRAGON (2016), OLD MAN AND THE GUN (2017), A GHOST STORY (2017) and A24’s soon to be released GREEN KNIGHT (2021). David is currently directing the Disney live action tale, PETER PAN AND WENDY. more...

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