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A short tragicomedy about a young computer whiz who, enticed by amazing perks, gets a job at a software company, but doesn't realize that sometimes the "free lunch" comes at an incredibly high price.
An homage to "Soylent Green" that takes place in 2022 in NYC.

Growing up with two brothers, studying math and software, I was often a singular girl in mostly male groups, but even though, at one point I have been told that I didn’t embrace my femininity, my response was simply that  "I did not embrace the 'let anyone step over me and manipulate me' or 'become manipulative bitch to get what I want and need' traits people sometimes mistakenly associate with femininity." I feel that Yin part of me is incredibly strong. It is the part of me that loves unconditionally without judgment and without the need to enforce my ideology on those around me. I would love to see the world in balance and the best way to accomplish that is by balancing our inner emotions and embracing Yang and Yin inside every one of us. It is that love that propels me to make my films. more...

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