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Join us for a panel discussion about the intersecting roles of filmmaking and activism with documentary filmmakers Assia Boundaoui, Contessa Gayles, Grace Lee, and Marjan Safinia. Moderated by Sarah Moshman, this round table conversation explores how the filmmakers' projects are propelling forward a cause, issue, or narrative and what insights they can share. We find out how their goals for impact have evolved over the course of their careers and specific projects, what initiatives have worked, how they define success, and what they have learned along the way. Whether you're an artist, social justice advocate, or both, this discussion will spark some inspiration for your current or next project to be even more impactful. 

Film Fatales is a 501(c)3 non profit arts organization which advocates for parity in the film industry and supports an inclusive community of over a thousand women and non-binary feature film and television directors nationwide. Film Fatales raises the visibility of marginalized directors and increases the talent pool for industry organizations, programmers and production companies looking to work with more underrepresented voices. By expanding the landscape of storytelling, Film Fatales continues to bring exciting new films to the screen. more...

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