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A pioneer behind the camera since the 1990s, cinematographer Ellen Kuras, ASC has collaborated with some of the greatest storytellers of our time including Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee, Sam Mendes, and Michel Gondry. In this conversation, Kuras walks us through her legendary career and artistic process as a visual storyteller, discussing how intention and point of view are the core principles of cinematography. Then, by viewing scenes from Kuras's work, she reveals specific techniques that she uses to bring the director’s vision to life. This conversation touch on camera choice, color, composition, lighting, framing, lenses, and camera movement to leave you with tools you can employ to bring deeper meaning to each frame in your next film.

Academy Award-nominee, two-time Emmy winner Ellen Kuras is an American director/cinematographer whose eclectic, visionary body of work includes narrative and documentary films, music films and commercials in both the studio and independent worlds. One of the few female members of the American Society of Cinematographers, she is a pioneer best known for her work on ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND (2004), and BLOW (2001). She is the unprecedented three-time winner of the Excellence Award for Best Dramatic Cinematography at Sundance and has been nominated for numerous Emmys and Independent Spirit Awards. more...

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