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Aida and her daughter Aidita are struggling to survive the ravages of a hurricane that has devastated the island of Puerto Rico, when they suddenly find a strange creature living in their backyard.

This is a magical realist horror film about the desperation people like my family and I felt in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

Esteban is an award winning Puerto Rican filmmaker. After graduating from NYU Tisch, Esteban joined several screenwriting fellowships such as the NYU Production Lab Development Studio, Forge Fellowship, and the Jumpcut Pilot Incubator. In 2022, he won the Michael Collyer Fellowship in Screenwriting and his short film "El Extraño en la Casa Rivera" screened at several film festivals. He has been a producer and script consultant on several feature length documentaries, while also working in digital media as a video editor. Esteban is committed to telling unique stories and elevating the filmmaking community of the island of Puerto Rico. more...

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