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My name is Tanya "Ami" Upshur, please call me Ami. Dogged is my second short narrative. Before I tell you more, thank you for reading previous versions of this script and providing feedback. I hope the feedback I've given about your work has been useful. I truly appreciate this community. Thanks again.

About the Project
Dogged. is a dark comedy with fantasy and Southern Gothic about a once celebrated dog handler who takes on a developer in a fictional dog-centric town to reunite with her dog, save her home - ultimately belong.

Logline: Despite having her beloved Basil dog napped and morphing into a dog, Fannie upholds her bid for The Clamson, delaying Bradley a developer who has the town looking for his missing dog, Bardy the Beagle - who Fannie believes is Basil.

The World
The story takes place in Clamson, a surreal, vibrant, fictional dog-centered neighborhood in 2023 and in Southern Gothic Emptiness a grassy field where it is always 1963 and the action and scenes depend upon the characters' desires and the answers they seek - a place for discovery.

Dogged. is intended to be live action. It is a short and I have developed other content based on the story.

Themes: Belonging, purpose, memory, dog centrism, gentrification.

The characters are diverse and majority of them are over 30 years old. The protagonist is a middle-aged black woman.

Ami is a filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist who has performed with the African American Collective Theater and Studio Theatre in Washington, DC and in commercials, films, and television shows, including The Blacklist and ATL Homicide. She is the recipient of the 2019 Black Women Cinema Week “Storyteller Award” for the short documentary film Birth! Place? - which is included in The Living Altar exhibition presented by Soil and Shadow, Kalliopeia Foundation and MoCADA. Ami has a Master of Arts in Communication: Producing Film, Television, and Video from American University and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Trinity Washington University. She is a Docs In Progress alum and a member of SAG-AFTRA and is looking forward to growing as a screenwriter and director. more...

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