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Claude questions his understanding of a higher power when Bluehat influences him to speak to an attractive woman. Soon after, Bluehat introduces him to the unlimited potential within the Bluehat universe.

"My style across all my writing is generally humorous, with a penchant for the absurd. I have always been the weirdest person in the room, ideating from left field and unearthing the story I want to tell from there." --- Dylan Braud was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he was raised until Hurricane Katrina forced his family to relocate to New York City at the age of eleven. Influences of Romare Bearden to the stand-up legends of Def Comedy Jam, to Spike Lee, to Allen Iverson, to early-2000s New Orleans hip-hop culture, set the tone for Braud’s definition of “cool” moving forward. While in New York, he lived in Harlem. Braud always loved writing, he didn’t discover his love for screenwriting until attending Syracuse University for college. Braud, in his writing, combines his love for all things Black culture, mythology, and history with his love for the absurd, petty, intimate, and surreal. His taste for his writing is inspired in large parts from the Blaxploitation era, and comedy writers like Larry David. He’s located in Los Angeles, where he has lived since graduating from college. more...

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