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This is a short film recreating a working class apartment moments before, during, and after an ICE Raid. It will be one camera motion dollying out on a cup of coffee, slowly revealing the apartment and the ensuing chaos and violence incurred from the raid. In emphasizing an element of desaparecido (disappearing or being taken), the audience experiences the raid through the camera motion reveal, and the audio design.

The piece works in existing in a multiple spaces of time, that are divided in two moments: the beginning, middle, and end of the raid (done in sound design), and the overall aftermath (as revealed in the camera motion). These two elements are reconciled into a singular narrative existing in present time when the camera finishes its exit out of the front door of the apartment (having been torn open [violence]) and the sound design concludes with a small child, who had been in hiding and now left behind, stepping into frame.

The sound design is the child's auditory experience; it is also representative of the present living in the echoes and conclusion of the past. "We live in the product of inter-generational violence."

Andrés Vázquez
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Andrés is a writer and director from Los Angeles whose work explores themes of intergenerational memory, spiritual mysticism, and the transformation of diasporic and detribalized narratives into intimate traditions and haunting mythologies.  As the seventh son of migrants and a descendant of the Bracero Program and Mexican Repatriation, his storytelling searches for the beauty that can be found in darkness and embraces its ability to help us look deep within ourselves. developing his first feature film.

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