Creator Meetups feature candid discussions with artists and media professionals around timely and critical issues in the film and television industry such as on-set safety and BIPOC representation, followed by breakout groups where Collab community members can meet and continue the conversation. 

This month’s Creator Meetup will focus on bolstering your mental health as an independent filmmaker. The long hours, low wages, and career uncertainty of independent filmmaking can make it a challenging calling. Coupled with the isolation of COVID over the past two years and the loss of work and income throughout the field, many independent filmmakers are struggling financially and mentally. In this conversation, Malikkah Rollins, co-founder of DocuMentality, a new mental health initiative for the documentary community, will offer insights and guidance on how to maintain your mental health while working in the turbulent world of filmmaking.

Mental Health Resources for Filmmakers

PDFs shared by Malikkah Rollins during the event:

Washington, DC, USA
Malikkah Rollins is a co-founder of DocuMentality, a new initiative designed to elevate the conversation around mental health in the documentary community. She was a trained psychotherapist for 10 years, specializing in young adults experiencing mental health challenges. more...
Kristin Feeley oversees creative Labs and Fellowships at the Documentary Film Program, which include four residential artist-focused Labs. She co-programs the annual Producers Summit and programs for DFP-supported artists at Sundance Film Festival, which serves over 150 artists annually. She launched the Documentary Producers Lab and Fellowship, the Contributing Editor Fellowship, Art of Editing Fellowship as well as the Nonfiction Critics Fellowship, the first Fellowship within the DFP to support writers and cultural critics. Kristin is committed to supporting all artists who contribute to a collaborative, inclusive artistic process in independent nonfiction. She plays a staff advisory role with the Sundance Documentary Fund. Prior to Sundance, Kristin worked in social policy research and arts nonprofits before pursuing a Masters in Film at the University of Glasgow. more...

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